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Under Water


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you or someone you love has struggled a great deal with frustration related to ADHD. I’m so happy you’re here. Life can be better! Keep reading.


The words testing, evaluation and assessment strike fear in even the boldest of hearts, bringing up panicked memories of being in your school days. Take heart! This is a comfortable experience and I have made it low-stress. I have a great deal of testing experience and I am entirely confident that you will feel comfortable. People report that they actually enjoy the process and are surprised how accurately it pinpoints their issues.


As you are considering you (or your loved one’s) ADHD related challenges, it’s helpful to understand a little bit about what ADHD is and what it is not. ADHD is highly heritable, meaning it’s genetically loaded- often running in families. Chances are that if you have ADHD, you can think of at least one first-degree relative who has had similar challenges.


ADHD is a disorder of dysregulated attention- I call it the “Swiss cheese of memory”- holes are everywhere… “Where did I leave my keys?” “You never told me what time we were meeting.” “How did I end up being late again?!” Adults who struggle with ADHD report extreme frustration with themselves and feel they are not able to live up to their potential due to attentional difficulties.


I enjoy helping people address and change their problematic behavior patterns because ADHD is not a disorder of performance or ability. In fact, individuals with ADHD are often highly intelligent, motivated and creative people. The tough news is that people are born with ADHD and there is no cure for it. But the great news is that with the proper diagnosis and treatment, research has shown that individuals make improvements to the extent where they feel they are no longer being held back by the negative impacts. The prognosis is incredibly hopeful! Schedule an evaluation today.

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