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Dr. Konzelman  currently offers Telehealth therapy and assessment sessions. These sessions are conducted via screen on a secure network in order to protect your privacy.

Dr. Konzelman provides services to individuals, couples and families. She specializes in the areas of anxiety, depression, grief, chronic stress, relational distress, adolescent issues, parenting, family dynamics and disorders related to addiction and impulse. Please call for a free phone consultation to allow Dr. Konzelman to learn more about you. If she feels you would be better served by a particular specialist, she will be happy to make a referral for you. 

Initial Intake

          Session Length: 60 minutes

          Billing: $300


Individual Counseling

          Session Length: 45 minutes

          Billing: $200


          Session: Length 60 minutes

          Billing: $270

Couples Counseling

          Session Length: 60 minutes

          Billing: $300

Family Counseling

          Session Length: 90-120 minutes

          Billing: $345+

Dr. Konzelman is not in-network with any insurance companies. However, she can offer receipts for insurance reimbursement in the event your insurance offers out of network compensation. Dr. Konzelman will be happy to walk you through this process.


Dr Konzelman

licensed clinical psychologist